The Belt of the Hawk

The Escape
Wherein our heroes wake up, defy physics, and attempt to escape a prison...

We woke up in a cell. Broke out of cells. There was a dwarf named Boner Juice, Daenyn, Dashell, and Chaistra. Dashell defied physics and wedged a door into the doorframe using carpentry in about 6 seconds. Chaistra was knocked unconcious. Daenyn was re-apprehended, while Dashell went back into the cell to rescue Chaistra and get away from the guards.

Daenyn and Chaistra were being moved east through a forest with a regiment of men when Dashell and a wild buck named Raymond fell upon them. Battle begun, but then other men joined the fray and we were saved by King Vesper’s troop. King Vesper is one of the two kings of this region.


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